350 Cards and Gifts Popcorn Box Tutorial

Here is my very first tutorial!  First you will need to download the template HERE from Paper Crafts.  Got it?  Good, now let's get started...

Print out your template onto your card stock - if your printer is picky like mine, print it out onto a white paper first, then adhere to your your colored card stock with removeable adhesive.  Trim around the shape and score where indicated.

Cut along the score lines on either side of the box front on both sides.  Add patterned paper to the box will only need to decorate only one side...

Then using a scallop border punch, punch out the edge of the side triangles.

Add patterned paper to the side triangles. 

Place strips of permanent adhesive on the back side of the paper as you see in the sample.

Assemble the box with the triangles to the outside.  Repeat 3 more times.

Embellish as desired.

Add 2 strips of permanent adhesive to the back sides of 2 boxes.

Adhere the other 2 boxes to the back of the first box.  Then add the last box to make a rectangle.

Cut a piece of light chipboard 1/2" shorter on both sides than the assembled rectangle. 

Adhere with strips of permanent adhesive.

Add a handle of your choice!