Sunday, June 5, 2016

MFT Wedding colors...sort of

Oh how I love weddings!  Being a of early May...Special Events designer, weddings were  by far my favorite to do.  ....Minus the stress....  Its a happy time for nearly everyone involved as someone is always crazy for one reason or another on a wedding day!

When my beloved and I started planning our wedding, I absolutely dreaded wedding dress shopping....many tears were involved at the first store....  John came with me to both the stores I went to.  He ultimately picked out my dress, as he said it was the only one I tried on where I was smiling when I was in it! ....I must admit it, I was laughing when I tried it on, it was GINORMOUS!....  I must admit, I'm so happy this was the one we selected, it was fun to wear, and the girls kept telling me I looked like a peach Cinderella....the new movie had been released a month before the wedding....  I'll attach a few of my favorite wedding photos at the end of this post if you're interested in that sort of thing....

With this pre-story, I had was pleased as punch when I saw the color challenge at MFT for this week!  The dress we selected led the colors of our wedding day; Buff....the color of my dress...., peach, coral, wood and copper.  All my colors from the wedding in this challenge, plus the addition of my favorite color - blue! With the Susan's wedding inspiration post and this color challenge post, it was destiny....and even though 90% of my crafting supplies are packed up for the move....I had to participate!

I made this card with my beloved in mind!  Our 1 year anniversary is in 8 days and we have an affinity for gnomes....I'll tell that story another time....  When I saw this set at MFT, I HAD to have it! I dressed him up in the same colors beloved wore for the wedding, and I had to add copper to the mix since that was our shimmer for the wedding...and everyone loves a little shimmer!...

I know he'll notice all the little touches of this card, the copper, the wedding colors, as well as his matching outfit.  He's good like that....  I think he's also going to love his first year anniversary gift!

Here are some photos of our wonderful wedding...if you're into that kind of thing...
I love my giggly little girl!  She was the hit of the day, as she walked down the aisle, she was tossing the petals above her head, and they all landed on the train of her dress.  They all followed her down the to the front and when she turned around, that's when she noticed they were all attached to her!  She was so happy and full of giggles!
I love this photo of my beloved!  I love how he laughs....  His best man was his nephew.

Our favorite photo of the two of us....

The wedding gift to my beloved...

Our new little family in front of the house we will all be living in together starting next week!  We've been living in 2 separate cities for 2 years...

My beautiful oldest daughter...she was the maid of honor and gave the MOST amazing speech at the  reception.  She is becoming such a beautiful young woman!  I love, love, LOVE this girl!!!

My 'staff' and I made over 900 feet of fresh garland for the tent....I'm so glad they still talk to me!

Lots of joy and laughter that day!

Thanks for letting me share!!

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