Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hello, goodbyes and a new life

Hello strangers!  Actually, I'm the stranger, because I am shocked to see it has been over 3 years since I last posted!  SO much has happened in since I was last in my crafting space.  My girls and I have a joyous new life and part of that includes moving back to my home town to be with my new husband John...well, 11 months new...  We are incredibly excited about this adventure we are embarking on!  But it's now time to say goodbye to the house, neighbors and school friends that have supported us these last 3 years.

John and I are busy beavers prepping the house to be sold, including painting, purging and updating.  After spending the weekend cleaning out my craftin space, I realized how much I miss this creative outlet!  Party planning has been fun, but I need a less stressful way to channel my creative tendencies.  I decided to take a break today from the hustle and bustle of moving, and before I have to pack up all my wonderful things for their new home, I took time to create a few things for the girls teachers.

This first card is for Elizabeth's 1st grade teacher Ms. Doody...yup, that's her name...  Elizabeth absolutely LOVES her and she is the most patient woman in the world!  I decided to start back off where I left off 3 years ago, with Paper Smooches and the May Rainbow Challenge.  I was honored and loved being a guest designer with them Feb 2013...which was my last post, YIKES!....and adore all Kim's images!  Once I get set up in my new space, I will have to re-invest in some updated sets...  This is from the 'I Heart Art' set.  It's super adorable and makes me smile.  

I also made a book mark for Elizabeth to match, she loves to read and hopefully when she uses it, she will think of her favorite teacher.  I kept it simple and thin, so I could laminate it to be more durable.

I've really enjoyed being in my space again...I certainly hope I can get my new space up and running soon in our new house!  Until then, I may leave packing up my happy place till last....


Ardyth said...

Ah! Now I see why we haven't seen you before at MCV! What an exciting (and stressful!) time for you and your family! How wonderful that we'll see you in blogland again. I know you'll have fun 'catching up' with all the new products and techniques! What a sweet idea for your daughter and teacher to have matching items as keepsakes - I'm sure Mrs Doody loved the card!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

A card AND a bookmark!?!? WOW! You really nailed this color challenge! FUN x1000000000! And I LOOOOOVE that you joined in the fun and came back to the blogging world after 3 years;) Congrats on your marriage and move back home!!! LOVE your wedding picture (in your sidebar)! Gorgeous colors! Thanks so much for joining in the fun with our May Rainbow challenge--I hope you will play along with the June Layers challenge (starts Wednesday!!)! <3