Sunday, June 5, 2016

MFT Wedding colors...sort of

Oh how I love weddings!  Being a of early May...Special Events designer, weddings were  by far my favorite to do.  ....Minus the stress....  Its a happy time for nearly everyone involved as someone is always crazy for one reason or another on a wedding day!

When my beloved and I started planning our wedding, I absolutely dreaded wedding dress shopping....many tears were involved at the first store....  John came with me to both the stores I went to.  He ultimately picked out my dress, as he said it was the only one I tried on where I was smiling when I was in it! ....I must admit it, I was laughing when I tried it on, it was GINORMOUS!....  I must admit, I'm so happy this was the one we selected, it was fun to wear, and the girls kept telling me I looked like a peach Cinderella....the new movie had been released a month before the wedding....  I'll attach a few of my favorite wedding photos at the end of this post if you're interested in that sort of thing....

With this pre-story, I had was pleased as punch when I saw the color challenge at MFT for this week!  The dress we selected led the colors of our wedding day; Buff....the color of my dress...., peach, coral, wood and copper.  All my colors from the wedding in this challenge, plus the addition of my favorite color - blue! With the Susan's wedding inspiration post and this color challenge post, it was destiny....and even though 90% of my crafting supplies are packed up for the move....I had to participate!

I made this card with my beloved in mind!  Our 1 year anniversary is in 8 days and we have an affinity for gnomes....I'll tell that story another time....  When I saw this set at MFT, I HAD to have it! I dressed him up in the same colors beloved wore for the wedding, and I had to add copper to the mix since that was our shimmer for the wedding...and everyone loves a little shimmer!...

I know he'll notice all the little touches of this card, the copper, the wedding colors, as well as his matching outfit.  He's good like that....  I think he's also going to love his first year anniversary gift!

Here are some photos of our wonderful wedding...if you're into that kind of thing...
I love my giggly little girl!  She was the hit of the day, as she walked down the aisle, she was tossing the petals above her head, and they all landed on the train of her dress.  They all followed her down the to the front and when she turned around, that's when she noticed they were all attached to her!  She was so happy and full of giggles!
I love this photo of my beloved!  I love how he laughs....  His best man was his nephew.

Our favorite photo of the two of us....

The wedding gift to my beloved...

Our new little family in front of the house we will all be living in together starting next week!  We've been living in 2 separate cities for 2 years...

My beautiful oldest daughter...she was the maid of honor and gave the MOST amazing speech at the  reception.  She is becoming such a beautiful young woman!  I love, love, LOVE this girl!!!

My 'staff' and I made over 900 feet of fresh garland for the tent....I'm so glad they still talk to me!

Lots of joy and laughter that day!

Thanks for letting me share!!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Missed opportunity...

I certainly miss creating for PaperCrafts Magazine...  Their calls for submissions always helped me think outside the box and let's be honest, gave me an excuse to shirk my household least for a few hours...  I went online the other day, visiting some of my old haunts, only to find many of them gone.  Ah, such is life!  However, some of the old standbys were there for me, Papertrey Ink, My Favorite things, and lots of bloggers I liked to follow.  It was like visiting a friend you haven't seen in a  few years, but its like you were never apart!  I love that feeling....  They helped me on Wednesday revisit my creative side with their challenge, its a great feeling to get those creative juices flowing!

 I originally wanted to submit this for the Paper Trey Ink contest, but after putting the girls to bed for the night, I forgot to do it.  They put up this image as inspiration for your creation:
Blog hop inspiration

I used the water color look and the grey outlined letters as the starting point and went from there.  Not my favorite creation of all time, but it will work for Lily's teacher for next week's last day.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Christmas in May

 Hello All!

Just a quick one from  my crafting session much fun!...    As I was pursuing the blogosphere yesterday, I came across a Christmas card challenge site called Muse: Christmas Visions.  I thought I'd give it a try since John wants to make our holiday cards this year.  Yes ladies, you read that right...HE WANTS TO MAKE CARDS FOR CHRISTMAS!  Not only is he cute, funny, and the love of my life, he's embracing my creative side! ...I've got a keeper!...  I certainly hope you are all equally as blessed as I am!

I whipped up this quick card using my favorite holiday color combo: robin egg blue, soft green and this case gold...  I've had these crazy glitter deers for years sitting in a drawer just waiting for an excuse to be used.  Since the inspiration photo had a deer, I went for it.  And, if it didn't work, off to the donation pile for the move!  I kept with the same layout...deer on one side, square background, sentiment in the right corner...but added some pizzazz! I kinda like how it came out, so soft and pretty.  However, this would be a very expensive card to ship!  Perhaps we could do this for our cards for neighbors this year and hand deliver them?  Time will tell....  Well, off to pack up a few more things!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hello, goodbyes and a new life

Hello strangers!  Actually, I'm the stranger, because I am shocked to see it has been over 3 years since I last posted!  SO much has happened in since I was last in my crafting space.  My girls and I have a joyous new life and part of that includes moving back to my home town to be with my new husband John...well, 11 months new...  We are incredibly excited about this adventure we are embarking on!  But it's now time to say goodbye to the house, neighbors and school friends that have supported us these last 3 years.

John and I are busy beavers prepping the house to be sold, including painting, purging and updating.  After spending the weekend cleaning out my craftin space, I realized how much I miss this creative outlet!  Party planning has been fun, but I need a less stressful way to channel my creative tendencies.  I decided to take a break today from the hustle and bustle of moving, and before I have to pack up all my wonderful things for their new home, I took time to create a few things for the girls teachers.

This first card is for Elizabeth's 1st grade teacher Ms. Doody...yup, that's her name...  Elizabeth absolutely LOVES her and she is the most patient woman in the world!  I decided to start back off where I left off 3 years ago, with Paper Smooches and the May Rainbow Challenge.  I was honored and loved being a guest designer with them Feb 2013...which was my last post, YIKES!....and adore all Kim's images!  Once I get set up in my new space, I will have to re-invest in some updated sets...  This is from the 'I Heart Art' set.  It's super adorable and makes me smile.  

I also made a book mark for Elizabeth to match, she loves to read and hopefully when she uses it, she will think of her favorite teacher.  I kept it simple and thin, so I could laminate it to be more durable.

I've really enjoyed being in my space again...I certainly hope I can get my new space up and running soon in our new house!  Until then, I may leave packing up my happy place till last....