Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 recap and 2 Trigger cards!

Can you believe it's been 6 MONTHS since I last posted?  Well, I can!  It has been a CRAZY end to 2012 and I'm hopeful that 2013 will be less stressful and healthier.  The good part?  My niece and nephews arrived July 19th - a full 10 weeks before their due date.  They are all miracles and are so darn cute!  They are now 5 months old, happy and healthy!  Aren't they cute?  I've been on babysitting duty when ever they need an extra set of hands, it's so fun!

Besides babies and all the party and wedding events I've developed, I have been a medical lab rat since December 2011.  Over the last 12 months I have had a kidney stone....Nov 28, 2011....and surgery for said stone which resulted in a damaged ureter and a stint put in place until early January.  I tripped on a stool left out by my kids and shattered my middle toe and foot joint....late Jan....which kept me in a boot until March.  I had 2 months of 'good health' then I contracted WHOPPING COUGH in late May....PLEASE immunize your children....which had me hacking and unable to breathe until September....I wouldn't wish that on anyone....  In October I found a lump on the side of my neck.   Meanwhile, since mid summer, I thought I was going thru menopause....I'm only 40....  I had all kinds of weird things going on. Loosing hair; weight gain no matter how hard I worked out or how little I ate; skin issues; hot flashes and cold spells; MASSIVE migraines; extreme fatigue; joint pain and many more lovely icky things.  The Dr. finally scheduled tests and an MRI of my head...for the migraines....and my neck in December.  The lump is just filled with fluid....yea!.... but they also found a nodule on my thyroid. ultrasound later, there is no cancer....thank you Jesus....but that I have Hoshimoto's Thyroiditus.  Oh joy.  So 40 of the 60 lbs I lost in 2010-2011 has RAPIDLY....since itself on my belly and thighs....*sigh*....  My health MUST get better in 2014, right?  Enough medical talk...

NOW to the good stuff!!  Since June 30th, I haven't been crafting....what?....  At all....sacrilegious!....  No challenges, no magazine calls - nothin'.  It's been quite sad really, my craftin' spot just kept getting stuffed with whatever we wanted to keep but didn't have the time to find a place for it.  It's amazing how much stuff you can stuff into 100 sq ft!  I took the time in December to finally organize our lives and I was able to get back to my desk and my beloved paper and stamps!  Yea!

I thought I would get my stamps wet by participating in this week's Trigger Tuesday at Moxie Fab!  It's been so long since I've even visited any of my beloved inspiration sites and Cath at MFW is always at the top of my list.  I love the photo she provided, it's my FAVORITE color combo.  Golden yellow, robin's egg blue, a touch of dark pink....add a bit of lime green and it's my house.... - yum!

I had so much fun yesterday playing with my papers, inks and stamps!  It was so therapeutic.  My girls even joined me down there for a couple hours.  Between re-acclimating myself with my supplies and helping the girls with their creations, I was able to make 2 cards for this challenge....YEA!....  One was planned and the other was made from the scraps!  First up:
 I was lucky to find in my stash a perfect paper to match the bedspread!  It has a touch of blue in it - excellent!  The houndstooth and qualfoil from PTI were stamped in white craft and embossed with white EP.  I love the strong white on the colors.
 I think this is the perfect salutation for someone you care about.  It was also heat embossed with white EP.
Like my faux washi tape?  I just cut 1" strips from the stamped and patterned papers then tore them.  I really think I may need to get some...
 This is the one I made from the scraps from the first one.  I stamped the houndstooth pattern with Crumb Cake but for some reason in the photo, it looks green....weird....  I promise its not.
I put a simple little collection of buttons under the sentiment to keep it nice and simple!

I'm really glad I'm making this a priority again in my life.  It's great therapy and Lord knows I need it! 


Lea L. said...

This is such a fun card and an awesome design! Love the mix of torn papers and the washi tape look! If you don't have any washi...I HIGHLY suggest it. SO fun to use!! :)

My Paper Epiphany said...

Hi there, just read your post - what a rotten year you've had. I can certainly relate as I've had a hacking cough all year, was told my asthma had become chronic, but after insisting on further tests was diagnosed with a chronic lung condition. It is so exhausting to have a relentless hacking cough. I've also had the weight gain for the 1st time in my life thanks to menopause and medications. And I am recovering from a stress fracture in my left foot which took 6 weeks to diagnose after finally having a MRI. I'm sorry you've been unable to craft and love your card - I love the hint of each element of the photo. I hope you get better soon and have a crafty 2013!

Cath said...

Hey Kristin! Thanks for linking this up to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

...and here's to better days ahead! Welcome back! :)