Monday, May 21, 2012

Hot Air and Quads

Greetings from the land of the Krzy! nickname is krzy kramer from my maiden name, and pretty much describes me to a T!....

I missed this weeks Our Creative Corner challenge, but be sure to head over there to get inspired!  The challenge is a color one and I love it!  I do have a good reason to have flaked out.  I've been busy collaborating the decor Harry Connick event, 2 events in our family and illness....again....

First, my amazing BIL Nick and his adorable wife Gina have been trying to get pregnant for the last 3.5 years.  After much heartache and trials, they decided to use an egg producing drug.  After a year of use, they were on their last dose and found out they were pregnant....with QUADS!!!  It was a shock, but they are taking the change in stride and with joy!  Gina is now 21 weeks along and with Gods blessing, each of the babies are healthy and growing.  3 boys and 1 girl.  Amazing!  It has been a joy to celebrate this journey with them.

This past weekend my 8yr old daughter, my mother-in-law and I hosted a baby shower for the happy parents to be!  I took care of the decor and the planning....since that is my forte'.....  I went a bit overboard, but it was an amazing event and I can't wait to show you!  Are you ready?

Well, it all started with the invitation.  I had wracked my brain for a while coming up with a 'theme'....'cause I'm a theme party girl....Gina's sister used the bird's nest idea, so I needed to get creative.  I didn't want to get to 'quad-y' with the theme, so after much searching on Pintrest, I came up with hot air didn't hurt that I have the PTI Up, Up & Away set either....

That inspired the hot air balloons my mom and I made....well mom gave it the ole' college try.... We painted paper lanterns to match the invitation balloons.  I was going to add the white buntings to them, but opted not to.  I made 10 of them, 2 went to the nursery, 2 to my daughters room and the rest for sale on my Etsy site.
I added little 4 little elephants to the baskets, each with a ribbon with the babies names on them.  Their room has an elephant theme, just for their little peanuts!
 Super cute eh?  I then had my helpers....aka mom & dad....fold 40+ tissue clouds to hang with the balloons from the ceiling.  My in-laws officially think I'm insane and obsessive.  They were shocked to see me hanging these from the ceiling at the club at 8 a.m.  I think its fun! 
 This is just one collection of clouds with the balloon. *LOVE IT*   I then moved the theme onto the tables.  The favor bags had the same PTI image....I think I colored over 60 for this event.....  Now here's the abstract part, the tables were the 'ground', I used sod and added daisies to mom thought I lost it....I usually use wheat grass, but it's no longer sold in flats around here.  The ceiling was the sky, get it?  Here's a little peek of the finished tables.

And a close-up of the favor
Finally I carried the them over to the sweets table. A cake, cookies and chocolate pops.  *ADORABLE*
 A close-up of the sod....

I went a bit overboard with the sweets considering it was a brunch.  Made to order omelets and waffle bar, bellinis and mimosas - it was delish!

The photos are a little off, but here is the over all look of the event

Now, here's a comparrison photo of Gina now, she is 21 weeks along and is bigger than her sister that is currently 36 weeks pregnant!  She's still moving around great, but will be put on bed rest very soon.  She needs to keep those kids a cookin' for another 11 weeks!  Isn't she cute?....sorry the quality isn't there....

The next day was my baby girls' first communion!  I can't believe it, she has grown up so fast.  She has been so excited to do this, she talked about it every day for a month!  She didn't want to do the group ceremony on May 5th and we were able to schedule a family mass celebration so her grandparents would be in town for it.   I got weepy when she went up and did all the right things....she took it so very seriously....   Time goes by too fast....

Lastly, I spent last week fighting off what I thought was allergy problems. Mind over matter is how I got thru the week, hacking, sneezing, the typical allergy things.  But, it's not allergies, its whooping cough....sigh...*.hack*....  I'm off to get the antibiotics for me and the family tomorrow, but until then, I'm in bed while my little one naps.

Hope you enjoyed my really looong post today.  I'll try to post more this week!

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bashore4usc said...

So beautiful and clever!! The perfect theme for multiples! I'm the mom of triplets!