Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Delish Fish

Just a little culinary creation to share with you bleeps today.  Click here for this week's OCC post.

As a fine artist, I enjoy stretching my creative prowess to other things other than paper. Since  I'm a big fan of Ace of Cakes and all those fun cake shows, I tend to try create fun cakes too.  Here are a few I've posted here before.

This week I had a mom from Lily's school contact me to make a cake for her sons 6th birthday.  The theme - tropical fish.  *YIKES*    He didn't want a cake in the shape of a fish, but rather he wanted it to look like an aquarium.  That request had my brain frozen on what to make.  So I did what any other brain-blocked artist would do, find inspiration on line.  After much hunting, I came up with a few techniques and inspiration photos to show the family.  My favorite was one with a real fish bowl on the cake with a new pet included - veto on the pet, but the kid liked the cake.  Here's my rendition of it:

Admittedly the fish are plastic,and the rocks are jelly beans, but the rest is all me!  I got the idea for the coral from a Cake Boss episode.  They poured Isomelt on ice to make huge coral formations.  I've never used Isomelt, but have melted hard candies when baking window pane cookies and decided to go that route.  I crushed the candies, then melted them in the microwave - it worked!  I then poured the melted candy over crushed ice and this is what it made

Cool eh?  I tried it with melted chocolate too, not as cool looking but it does look like the coral you would buy at a tourist shop in Florida.

 Then I added the scuba guy 'cause it reminded me of an aquarium. 
I wasn't at the party, but my girlfriend was and she said the kids thought it was *awesome*!  Got to love when what you make is a hit with people other than yourself.  I was really pleased with how it came out.

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