Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bridal Bouquets

Another non-paper post here.  I was called in last week for an emergency bridal bouquet order for Capital Style, a local magazine here in Columbus.  They needed a bouquet for a bridal issue they are putting together.  They requested a ranunculus bouquet, so I whipped up 2 and added another fun one for some variety, you know, just in case...

This first one is a simple one with greens.  Not my favorite, but it's nice.

This one is my favorite!  I love the yellow ranunculus and I added some very open orange parrot tulips around the bottom blooms.  I love the contrast of the textures together.

The last one I made is from some gloriosa lilies the shop had left over from an event a week ago.  The flower is so weird, I thought I'd make an extra unexpected one.

I promise to have a paper related craft int he next couple days for you.  Thanks for visiting!

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