Friday, March 16, 2012


Here's the conversation: (you're in blue, I'm in black)

WHAT?!?!  She's alive?  Really?  We haven't heard from her in, what...3 months?

I know, I know.
Shame on you!  
I've neglected you.
Yes you have.
I'm bad.
Yes you are.
We all are.
I've heard.
That's nice.
60+ hours.
A week. 
I gathered...
Forgive me. 
No excuses.
Just an explanation.
Let's hear it.

I was planning on only taking the end of December, January and part of February off.  But it lapsed into March....*sigh*....  Not only from the unexpected kidney stone and surgery and added broken foot, but I've been busy with the party planning part of my life since December.  A big....HUGE.... event for my daughter's school, a wedding, a holiday party, some birthday parties and such.  Lots of fun, LOTS of work and no time to squeak in for crafting.  Then 2 deaths and another this week.  BUT my life is almost back to normal....which is saying a lot!....our family life is re-organized and working smoothly again.
OK, we get it.  Life got in the way.  We forgive you.
Really?  Oh Thank you!  You're too kind!
Yes we are...What are you going to do now?

Well, my craftin' life is a shambles.  ALL things not family related has been dumped into my craftin' spot over the last 3 months and it's a DISASTER!!!  This is my dirty little secret....and I mean DIRTY...but as they say in therapy, you need to admit to your flaws in order to get better.  SO here it goes, I'm going to show you the HORROR that is my spot.  

***DISCLAMER***This is NOT for the faint at heart or the highly organized, it may cause nausea, it will cause shock, you will be shocked and appalled, disgusted and repulsed, and may even pass out.***

Shield your eyes!  Look away!
I'm blinded!
Sorry....I hope you can't relate to this mess.

Are you ok?  I know - appalling.  This is the only place of my house that gets this way when my life is out of control.  BUT that will change!  Now that I've admitted my flaws, I will get started on re-organizing!  AND I'm back to creating!  Although, I've had to just work with what I can actually find down there.  It's kind of crazy, creating standing up, searching for scissors and the like.  I'm sure I've lost stamps, fabrics, trims and much more.  BUT it will get better and I will show off my cleaned up space VERY soon....'cause I can't go on with it like this!....  I will also have an OCC creation for you on Saturday, I'm so happy to be back to the challenges, I hope you'll join me!

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