Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Strangers!

Hello all!  Happy and healthy new year to you all!....healthy being the operative word there....  I'm sorry I was MIA for the month of December.  I am planning on getting into my craftin' spot now that my ordeal is over.  Here's an update...

I ended up having to have my urethra stint in for 25 days, a few days longer than planned.  The first 10 days after the surgery we very painful.  Apparently when they broke up the stone with the laser to dislodge and remove the stone, a few little pieces were left in the urethra.  I had to pass them....eeekkkkk....  Not quite as painful as the blocked kidney stone pain....on a scale of 1-10 they are 10-10.5....but more like a 8.5-9.  VERY painful, but no retching.  On day 9 I called the doctor and begged them to take the stint out, but no go on that.  The next day the extreme pain was gone and the next 15 days were less uncomfortable.  I spent the holiday feeling like I had a really bad UTI and like I had been donkey kicked in the left side.  More like a 3-4 discomfort, very little 'pain'. 

I was finally able to get the stint out this past Tuesday....not anything I wasn't fun and I was again laid up for about 24 hours.  I'm now almost healed, just a few pains here and there, nothing to keep me from my daily activities.  I'm grateful the experience hasn't left me needing more medical care.  I'm healing and although it was scary and ultimately inconvenient for my family, we all came through it ok. 

Thanks to all of you that sent me well wishes and could relate to my experience.  I hope you are all still out there, I promise to make something for you to see soon! 

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Jennifer Rzasa said...

Sorry to hear about your ordeal, but I'm glad you're back! Here's to a healthy new year :)