Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding teaser

I had many of you ladies wanting to see some photos of the fabulous wedding I did last weekend.  Well, I have video I took on my phone...that I can't get off.  I've tried sending it to my email account, to YouTube, to Picasa, on the web, off the web.  Nothing seems to work, and of course we can't seem to find the doo-hickey that you put your SIM card into for the computer to download.  *sigh*
Tomorrow I leave for my 10 day vaca....without kids, YIPPIE!!!....I will have my hubby make it happen when I get back.  Until then, here are just a few photos from the event this weekend, as well as some photos I hadn't shared yet from the event I coordinated in Copenhagen.
Here are 3 photos of some details from this weekends event.  The DECORATING budget for this event was over $45,000...that includes lighting, furniture, flowers, linens, rentals, etc....that doesn't include food, rental space, band, booze, dress, cars, etc.  The grand total was over $100,000...probably more like $125k.... I think from this teaser, you can tell it's over the top!

The bouquet, garden roses, lily of the valley, lady slipper orchids, scabiosa, white hyacinth and gardenias.  It smelled divine!

 The cake - hello GORGEOUS!!!

The chairs for the bride and groom, just a special little touch.

NEXT - The Copenhagen event was held in a badminton hall....yes badminton.  Apparently it's all the rage in Denmark.  This is the other end of the spectrum, my decorating budget for this event was less than $500.  That included the kid's room.

The tables - looked FABULOUS when the sun went down, which summer in Denmark? - 9:30 pm.

The place cards, fresh green apples!  Yes I wrote them....  And the logo napkin wrap...yes, I made that too!

The menu cards, you guessed  it....

I'll still have my creations for Our Creative Corner for the next 2 Saturdays' posted, but please forgive me for not commenting on any of your blogs for the next 10 days, I will be enjoying the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Short and sweet

Hi ladies!
I'm pooped.  I've been working on a wedding this week for 380 with a budget of about $100,000.  I planned ahead with my creation for this weeks Our Creative Corner sample, but didn't plan the post ahead of time.  I'll post some of the photos so you can see how fab-u-lous it is, but until then....short and sweet. 

This is my card for the Numbers challenge hosted by Sharon.  I hope you'll join us!
I don't know why all my cards lately have been CAS....perhaps 'cause they're fast and I haven't had much time lately?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Go See Do...

Is it getting cooler where you're at?  It is here!  I love fall....chunky sweaters, football games, hot stews, warm bread, the colors....all of it.  Hopefully fall will stay...
It's that time again at Our Creative Corner, Challenge time!  Sharon is our hostess this week with a great challenge.  This week's challenge is titled:  'Not Big on Pink' .  So, for this paper craft challenge, you need to use any shade of blue, and just a touch of pink.  If you need a number, think 1/5 or less in pink.  You must also incorporate some texture, (ie: fabric, ribbon, floss, etc) and a metal piece (ie: brad, push pin, charm, etc.).

I decided to go with something more simple.  I had stamped this airplane image in a repeated pattern to make a chevron background a while back.  I didn't know what to do with it after I made it.  It's been sitting around for about a month now.  I loved the effect, but wasn't sure how I wanted to use it.  Since Sharon's challenge said to use lots of blue,  not a lot of pink, I made a CAS card with this.  The grid panel is actually a Studio Calico fabric strip that I stamped the sentiments on.  I added the buttons for a simple touch and thought I was done...oopps....I forgot one element - the metal!  I had to go back and add some eyelets in black to match....instead of a metal color....

I love this sentiment.  It reminds me of a dear BFF that is a major jet-setter.  She is ALWAYS goin', seein' and doin' AMAZING things!....She's quite fabulous....  Now, she's a bit young to be retiring, but I thought its a great sentiment for someone starting a new part of their lives.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby's rejected...

I've finally been able to participate in a magazine call, although I was only able to get 3 done for it.  I had such a hard time getting my creative juices flowin' again....being creative only 1x per week is taking its toll.....Good news is that 2 of my submissions were accepted!....yea!!!.....  AND now that school is back in session, I'm able to get into my craftin' spot more!!....good news all around....

....Nobody puts baby in a corner....This was my attempt for a Cameo Baby card for Paper Craft's Magazine's last call.  I don't really have any cameo stamps except for the little one from PTI's PostMark but I thought the 'fragile' and the 'Handle with Care' sentiments gave it a baby theme....a stretch for a baby card, I know.....   I also had this sketch from Moxie Fab's Horizontal Sketch Challenge in mind when I made it.  I thought I'd enter this in the Just Add Ink - Just Add Baby challenge as well!

I think I'll be craftin' some more this weekend, I've been having so much fun!  Have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

God Bless 911

God Bless the families that lost a loved one 10 years ago today.

God Bless the innocent victims on the airplanes and in the buildings attacked.

God Bless the police officers and fire fighters in New York city and the people on United Airlines flight 93, that they gave their lives to save others.

God Bless the families that are still involved in the protection of our country and our freedoms.

God Bless the leaders of our country, give them the strength, knowledge and integrity so that they may make choices in our countries best interest.

God Bless you, your families and your loved ones, that you may all cherish each other, every second of every minute of every day.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

OCC Windows Challenge?

OK, now I know this isn't a traditional window's item, but here is my thinking...  The challenge that Holly put forward this week at Our Creative Corner, is to make a window on your project with something showing thru a window....I couldn't decide on just one, so I made 2....I'm an over achiever ;)....  I also wanted to be sure I was doing the challenge right!

So this first one has numbers die cut from a panel of kraft cardstock and I added different colored cardstock behind those's the idea of a window, just not a literal interpretation.

My second card is a bit more literal, but it's not a window into the inside of the card.  I made a framed 'window' around my burlap and sequin panel.  Pretty splashie, eh?

 I like them both, but really want to see what you come up with for this challenge.  Are you ready?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

School struggles and the OCC challenge

Hello Ladies!

It's another challenge at Our Creative Corner.  This week the challenge is hosted by Holly, one of our new DT members and it's a fun one!  The challenge is to make a creation with stamping on pre-patterned paper.  This is a technique I need to do more often, I love the look.

This creation I used patterned paper scraps to make a base like Betsy Veldman did here.  I stamped the circle with white pigment and heat embossed it on my scrap paper and die cut it out.  I didn't think the stamped image stood out enough so I gently rubbed some Soft Suede on it to help it stand out.  I also stamped the apple image on the background paper just to make it  more "school-y". 

I made this for my oldest daughter....This is her the morning of her first day of school....  She started 2nd grade this year at a new private school.  She's really having a hard time with the change.  I know it's what's best for her education, but watching her struggle is heart-breaking.  She's making friends, but doesn't feel like she belongs....perhaps its the uniforms?.....  Having moved several times as a child, I can relate to her fears.  So, my only solace is that I turned out o.k....didn't I?... each time we left our comfort zone.  I'm hoping the little notes I've been sneaking into her lunchboxes gives her a pick-me-up during the day.  All of you that know us, send her happy thoughts over the next few weeks.  Every little good thought will help!