Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And I'm off...

***this post has some paper creations, flower creations and general rambling...***

It has been a CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY 2 weeks! ...did I say crazy?...  Wanna glimpse into my insane asylum?

First, we have been replacing the carpet on the second floor of our home.  All of the spaces except for our bedroom were done 2 weeks ago.  We were going to put hard wood in there, but hubby changed his mind.  The new carpet hasn't arrived at the warehouse, so we have been living on particle board for almost 3 weeks now.

Then, the Jones boys...the sons from the family I grew up next to...decided to get consecutive weekends.  The younger of the 2...he's 30...had his wedding and small reception last weekend.  I made the cake for this, a 3 tiered, 3 layer white chocolate cake with strawberry and raspberry fillings.  Here's some photos of the cake, but if you check out this post by Kathleen...the Mother of the Grooms.... on Facebook, you can see how I looked cutting it up...let's just say, I got messy...  

Now, being a former wedding coordinator, their mother also asked me to help plan the one hosted at her home.  The only glitch?  It's the weekend I'm in Copenhagen.  So, I had to plan an event, that I'm not even installing!  I did however make 10 centerpieces, the corsages, bridal bouquet and cake.  I won't have a completed set-up photo of the event until I get home, but here is an example of the centerpieces with the paper underlay:

The underlay is make from 18x18 paper, with their names cut from the Cricut in the corner.  The centerpieces are carnations in various white porcelain containers with red ribbons.  Here's a close-up of the paper:

and what the car looked like with everything packed in it when it left here just 1 hour ago...I can't believe it all fit in a Mini Cooper...:

Now, did you know that I'm an international party planner?  That's right, and it's the reason I'm going to Copenhagen...and to visit BFF Annerd...  It's a combined birthday party for a couple.  Dana is turning 40 and her hubby, Steen, is turning 50.  They are having a 90th birthday together...cute eh?...  I'm flying out there to make it fabulous!  I'll post photos of the set-up process when I'm there, but will share the things for the kids room at the party.  That's what the Danes do, adult parties have a kids space 'cause they don't really do babysitters....I could NEVER be a Dane for that reason...  So, the theme for the kids room is Mickey Mouse so this was a natural part to plan, as we are a Disney family!

These are the goodie boxes for the kids.  Thank you Cricut, I need to use you more..

The party hats for the kids.  Simple and cute!

Now, I have clean my house and prepare for my mother-in-law to stay and care for my little ones!  I'll have more posts while I'm gone, lots of paper creations too!
I am so ready for some fun in Copenhagen!

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Nancy said...

WOW! You amaze me! I'm tired just looking at all the preparations for the wedding, not to mention the party planing in Copenhagen! The wedding cake is beautiful! ... but I was unable to see the photos on fb due to her privacy settings. It would be fun to see what it looked like being cut... but the biggest question... did it taste as good as it looks? If so then who cares about a little (or big) mess? ;)