Saturday, April 16, 2011

An oldie but a goodie!

It's time for another challenge at Our Creative Corner! This week the challenge is hosted by the very talented Vicki at . We are all challenged to make a 3D Easter Project. I've been making all kinds of 3D projects little ole' glue runner has been smokin'!... I decided to show you something I do every year for my daughter's baskets. Now here's the back story...*flashback*...

When we lived in Tennessee, it would often rain on Easter Sunday. Like many families, indoor egg hunts were the order of the day...the MOST challenging and fun in my opinion... When I was 5, we moved to Tulsa, where we rarely had indoor hunts...because rain was scarce... so my mom began to hide our baskets in the house to start our day! A little sign was posted at the bottom of the stairs with arrows and symbols for each child to find their basket.

I thought it was the MOST fun, so now I do the same with my daughters! Instead of signs, I leave these little guys out to create a bit of a trail for them to follow. Bunnies for Lily, and chicks for Elizabeth. These are filled with Hershey's Nugget candies and if you're familiar with Splitcoast Stampers, you've seen them. These particular ideas from Pam at creativechoicedesings on SCS. A few years back, she was sweet enough to give me the details on creating them.

Hey Chickie!.

  1. Cut a Yellow the body piece, 5"x 1 1/2", Using a corner rounder, round off all 4 corners on the body piece.
  2. Punch out 3 large yellow ovals. Cut the Yellow ovals to make the wings and tail. Attach the wings to the inside of the front piece.
  3. Punch out 2 - 1/4" circles out of brown cardstock. Use mini glue dots to attach the CC eyes to the front.
  4. Punch 2 large ovals and 1 small oval from orange cardstock. Fold the small orange oval to make the beak and attach to the front under the eyes. Using scallop scissors, cut the top 1/3 off the ends of each large OO oval and attach to the bottom of the body.
  5. Place a Hershey Nugget in the center of the body piece, fold up the sides of the body and punch a hole in the top and tie with ribbon. *Option* I frayed the ribbon so it looked like hair.
  6. Attach the tail last (makes it easier to tie the ribbon)
Bunny Hop

  1. Use the same dimensions for the body as done with the chicks using white cardstock. Punch out 2 large ovals, 4 hearts shapes, and 2 - 1/2" circles.
  2. Lightly rub all the edges with Distress ink in any color.
  3. Punch out 2 small ovals, and 1 - 1/4" circle from pink cardstock.
  4. Adhere a smaller pink oval to the center of a larger white oval. Repeat to make 2 ears
  5. Place a Hershey nugget in the center of the body piece. Line up the top front and the top back and punch a hole in the center. Separate and glue the ears to the inside of the front piece. Then tie with ribbon.
  6. Finally punch out 2 Chocolate Chip 1/4" circles. Using mini glue dots, place the nose and the eyes in the center of the body front.
  7. With Stampin' Dimensionals, attach the 2 1/2" circles to make the cheeks of the bunny. *option* put 3 small glue dots and attach wiskers to the cheeks (I used pieces of frayed grosgrain ribbon)
  8. Layer 2 of the hearts together to make the toes of the feet. Attach to the bottom of the body.


Sharon Wheet said...

Kristin, what a creative and fun way to find the basket! That is soo smart! I love it! My mom would 'hide' our Easter baskets, but we never had this fun 'path' to find ours. Clever girl! And the chicks and bunnys are just tooo cute!

Lori Rider said...

These are just too cute, Kristin! I'm sure my kids would love your tradition - maybe next year, LOL. Thanks for sharing the directions!

Jennifer Rzasa said...

I love the story about your chicks and bunnies- it sounds like a lot of fun for the girls! Very sweet, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Gina said...

Ooooh, fun!!! Going through my cardstock stash right now. I would love to do this for my daughter's preschool class. Since there are only 8 kids in the class, I can do a chickie and a bunny for each of them! Kristin, you are giving me ALL sorts of great ideas!! I've needed to be following you for YEARS! Seriously!! :)

debbiek said...

Oh my gosh are these ADORABLE! Thanks soooo much for the tutorial.

Kalyn said...

These are so cute! Very festive!

Vicki Burdick said...

Kristin, these are adorable!! I love the story to go along with, such a fun tradition and one I am sure your children will carry on too!!!

Grandma Bonnie said...

What a great idea. I might re-vamp them so i can cut them out with my cricut. Thanks!

Joanne Leddy said...

Adorable and what fun they will be to find! Love this post!

Antje said...

What an adorable project!!!! I love the sweet chicks and the fab bunnies! Thanks for sharing such a lovely idea - will try to make them for my husbands crew at the office!

Barbara said...

Love the story about the chicks and bunnies. Last year the E.Bunny wrote clues. Each child had to read the clue to find the next clue etc...the basket. The little ones needed help but had so much fun. I will make some of these bunnies and chicks for some of my elderly friend. They will love them too, I am sure. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy Easter to you and your family. I have an Easter treat bag on my blog.

Rebecca Ednie said...

Congrats on being recognized by Moxie fab!