Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary PTI!

 *read to the end for my favorite PTI creation*
*Clink*Clink*Clink*  Time for a toast....What a wonderful time to celebrate all that you are!  Unique, beautiful, quality...affordable...trendy and classic at the same time.  You surround yourself with talented, wonderful women, each with their own gifts to share and admire.  I love to visit you, see what you've been up to, and watch you grow.  You've been in my creative life now for over a year, and I'm so grateful to have you there.  You have expanded not only my resources, and my creative 'genius'...yes in have also helped me blossom and express myself artistically every day! 
 Now, here's to you Papertrey Ink, as you continue the exciting journey you are on, I wish you years...and years, and years....of success, unwavering support from your family and fans, and the joy of watching your efforts expand the creative lives of it has done mine.  So lift up your...imaginary...glasses and cheer for PTI*Ink*Ink*Ink*

If you couldn't tell, it's Papertrey Inks' 4th anniversary!  I know you know all about them, and those perfectly FABULOUS products they are able to produce every month.  I'd love to be fly on the wall during their brainstorming meetings and watch how they come up with all their amazing would be easy, they are only 1 hour south of here... 
Every month at their reveals, I am amazed at what they have created and can't think of any way they can top it.  But everytime they do!  I have bookmarked every design team's blog and visit them nearly everyday.  They all provide me with wonderful inspiration.  I'm really excited about their new DT member Danielle Flanders, I can really relate to her design style - shabby, yet clean and cutesy, so Shabby-utesy!...yes I made up that word... The other great thing I love about their images is many of them are so beautiful to color or leave as an outline!  Like their Delightful Dahlias set...the only flower set I have right now, but my b-day is coming up... I can make beautiful flowers like this one with my new obsession....or keep the simple beauty of the outine for creations like this one...a winner from last week's Trigger Tuesday...or combine the two techniques for a wower like this...not to toot my own horn...
PTI is having a party over at their blog for this momentous occasion, and have asked us to post our favorite project we have made with their products to win and amazing prize!!!  I've had a really hard time picking one, as you can see with all the little photos over there on the left.  Many of those I have been honored to have grace the pages of PaperCrafts Magazine...thanks for the help PTI!...  My absolute FAVORITE creation I have made with PTI products and stamps has to be I can't show you, it's getting published next month.... but this one is my second favorite!  It's the very first shabby creation I made, which made me a convert to the style...I hope I made Betsy and Melissa proud, as they have been my shabby inspirationista's...I gave this to my dad for Father's Day last year.

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wow kristin! EVERYTHING is beautiful!!! absolutely beautiful!

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