Thursday, December 16, 2010

Untradtional, tradtional Christmas

Do you remember me telling you I LOVE Christmas?  The tree, the snow, the laughter, family get-togethers, baking ...lots of baking..., visiting Santa, church on Christmas eve, ornaments, watching my daughters' faces when they see the presents under the tree on Christmas morning.  It's all so magical!

The one thing I DON'T like about Christmas and green.  I can't stand that combination!  Red and white perhaps, not green...ick!  Perhaps is stems from my mother's decision to decorate our Christmas tree in pink and blue to match the house at the tender age of 13.  Not only did she make this decision, but we went from a real tree to a ....gasp....fake one!  For the first few years, I was appalled!  We were the only house that had a 'designer' tree, and to top it off it was fake! embarassing for a teenager...  Later in high school, I began to appreciate it...a little...and would help out.  Then, when I became a florist, I had the sole responsibility of getting the tree decorated.  Every Wednesday before Thanksgiving up it went, and mom would find some new beautiful set of ornaments to add and phase out the old.  It soon became a navy, white and gold tree.  They moved last winter, so unless they fly me to sunny Florida to do complaining here...they will be on their own.

So, after that long back story, I would like to show you the decorations I put up for the holiday's!  Yes it's untradtional, like this beautiful card I made for the Paper Crafts Stampin' Royalty Contest and won!  Those are the same colors I decorate my house for the holidays.  Green, federal blue, white, gold and yellow, complete with snowflakes!  I just love how fresh it is!  I try to decorate my entire first floor and the girls rooms.  They each have a little tree they decorate themselves, they love using them as their night lights.  I'll show you a few photos.

This is the chandelier in the kitchen.  My only wish is that I could get a string of lights up there...
This is our family tree.  The ONLY spot that red is allowed.  It has all our collected ornaments on there.  I LOVE ornaments!  Rob's mom even brought down his from when he was a child to add this year.  My decorator tree is usually up in the living room, but not this year.  We have converted that into our dining room and with my huge table, there is no room for a tree anymore.  I'll show you what I did in there next week.
This is my favorite ornament.  It's the first one Rob and I got for our first Christmas together.
The bureau I have in the family room.  I made this wreath for a call in April.  The details are here.
This is our tv area...can you tell...  Yes, we are still in the dark ages, no surround sound.  Just these hideous speakers my hubby insists on having.  Yes, sometimes I do make decorating consessions, I don't like to, but I do.  Like our fireplace.  I'll show you that tomorrow.  Along with some cute photos of some paper crafting I was able to do!

It's nice to talk to you again!

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