Saturday, December 18, 2010

Glitter everywhere!

Have I told you how much I love glitter?  I's just so fun and sparkly!  Not only do I love using glitter in my paper crafting, I also use in in my holiday decorating.  Some might call it cheezy, but not me....although, perhaps I'm cheezy and don't even know it?  No...I have great taste....that can't be it.
Any way, I promised to show you some photos of one of my favorite parts of my house for decorating, my mantle!  I use every glittery, shiny, eye catching thing I can get my hands on to make it spectacular!
First a couple close ups of the glittery, shimmery fabulouseness!  I have been collecting some of these ornaments for the last few years.  The big blue snowflake is from...none other than...Walmart this year!  They have a section of MY color there right now!!!  Is someone else out there decorating in my colors?  Not in my neck of the woods, it seems I'm the only one buying it.  More for me the day after Christmas to buy!  The big gold one in the corner...I've had those for over 20 years now!  They were the first ornaments I ever bought for my own tree...ah nostalgia.

Those white snow flakes were new last year, I wish I could remember where I got them.  I would love to get a few more!  Those used to hang from my chandiler in the dining room, but alas, that room was moved and the new dining room doesn't have a chandelier yet.  See that 'L' on the stocking?  That is how we designate who's stocking is who's...was the grammatically correct?...  Every year when I unpack our decorations, I mean to get them embroidered by my 'adoptive mom' Kathleen,...She owns an adorable shop in downtown Perrysburg, Ohio that has gifts and specializes in creative embroidery - she's so amazing....But I always forget...darn ADD...  So we have these initial letters to help until I get my head on straight.
Now, here's my crowning glory of the house, but please pay no mind to the ugly brown chair.  It's pair is currently getting a slipcover made...when I have time before Tuesday...and it will get it's new clothes soon too.

Here is the over all look!  I just love it.  I took this photo before the other touches to the room were done, boxwood in some of the pitchers and chochkies on the tables.  The 'Believe' sign is getting a makeover too, I'll be adding some snowflakes and yummy things to it.  I'll post that finished project after the holiday...since I won't find time to add it before....  The fuzzy white stocking is for our cat Oscar.  Have I ever shown a photo of him?  He's a white American Persian, so this fit's him perfectly.  The bookcases on either sides of the fireplace?  I have to brag, my hubby and I did them, as well as the moulding around the room.  I love how we work so well together!  I come up with the design, he installs it, I paint it.  It's a good system.  Currently we have to leave the lower shelves empty, little hands LOVE to pull things off shelves!
That's it for today.  I'll show you the last 2 rooms on Monday as well as that paper craft I promised you.  I actually have a few to show you next week!
Stay warm!

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