Monday, November 22, 2010

The weekend result

So, I'm home from my very fun weekend! The movie was wonderful, Ashley is VERY talented! It is now being sent on the indie film festival circut and we'll have to wait and see how it does there. I'm hoping for some great reviews on the storyline for her. It was AMAZING!!! Also, before you read on, I know I wouldn't have been able to enjoy my weekend without the support of my amazing hubby Rob. One of the strengths of our relationship is we know sometimes we need to escape the pressures of life. I was able to do that this weekend while he took on the mother and father roles for 54 hours. Thank you my darling - you are my rock and love. ***smoochy***

Now I'm home. Late last night. And I came home to a war zone. All that was missing were shell casings and sand bags. Disaster area does NOT completely describe the mess I came home to. But let me explain in my dear sweet hubby's defense...It's hard to have the our two professional wreaking balls on your own for 3 days straight. I know, I do it every other weekend! He did get Elizabeth's crib taken apart and her big girl bed put together, along with a few baskets of unfolded laundry. Not bad I thought...last night. Today, in the light of the day, I survey the damage. I would post photos if I weren't so embarrased. Between the crayons, clothes, and Wii controllers, I find spilled milk, ground up chips in the carpet, vomit on the wall and the contents of my secret Disney gift box opened and played with. UUUGGGHHH!!!!

This will be my montra the next few days. With my in-laws arriving in a short 36 hours the stress has begun to kick in. I will be able to get my house back in order before their visit, but on only 4 hours sleep...a rough night for both of the girls...I won't handle the stress as well as I would like. At least I'm not hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

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