Monday, November 8, 2010

The magic is over...

Well, we just got home from Disney...tear...  The kids all had a great time and I think the adults did too. 

Rob and Elizabeth arrived a few days earlier than Lily and I did with this parents.  They gave us the night off by watching the girls so we could go to EPCOT's Food & Wine Festival.  What fun we had!  If you have never had the chance to go, I HIGHLY recomend it.  Try it during the week as opposed to a weekend, they're a bit more crazy then.  The concept is you are able to 'tour' countries by tasting their food!  They add 10+ more countries to the festival to the original 11.  Rob's favorite was Mexico's Tamal de Pollo (Chicken Tamales) and Korea's Lettuce Wraps with Kimichi Slaw - boy was it SPICY!!!  I LOVED everything from France...even tried the escargoe...the Lamp Chop from Australia, and we both loved the Fisherman's Pie from Ireland.  Everything was delicious!  We ended the night with a late dinner at Les Chef's Bistro in France...ahhh to dine without kids....athough we were full, we ate everything in sight!

My family arrived on the 31st and we went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party on the 1st.  We all had coordinating costumes based on Peter Pan.  My nephew Casey was Peter, Lily was Wendy, Elizabeth was Tinkerbell and the adults went as Pirates.  It was lots of fun, and all but 3 of us stayed to the end.  They were all there for 5 days, and while we didn't get to see's hard to corral 9 people...we had a great time being together.

As an aside - I made all the adults pirate costumes and Lily's Wendy costume for the party...of course I can't find a photo of it... Until I can locate one, here is our Tinkerbelle and her pirate daddy enjoying the Halloween parade. 

All the planning for this trip kept me really busy, but now I need to make Elizabeth's big girl room before the end of the month.  Time to get on the business end of a paint brush again!


Pam W. said...

It sounds like you had a great trip! Of course, how could a trip to Disney be anything but wonderful?! I'm glad that you are safely home and get a bit of time to rest up.

When you get a moment, shoot me off an email with your snail mail address. You won my blog candy!! YIPPEE!

julss said...

Wow, we did the same thing. My Lily was Tinker and Daddy was a Hook/Sparrow hybrid. :)

Anonymous said...

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