Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happily After

I have to brag a little.  My dearest, bestest friend has a younger sister.  Ashley Close...her pen name is Finley Leighton...  I've known her since she was 6.  She has become a wonderful, confident woman at 24.  She's smart, witty and beautiful!  Like her sister, she loves all things theatrical and currently works for a filming company in Arizona. 

A few years back she wrote a screenplay - I know!  She was so young!  Anyway - it was made into MOVIE... a real movie in Glass City Productions called Happily After.  

Happily After theatrical trailer from Glass City Films on Vimeo.
It takes a while to load...

The big city premier was in Chicago 2 weeks ago, how exciting is that?  The majority of the movie was filmed in the Toledo, Ohio area, as the owners of the production company are from Northwest is Ashley.  Since it was filmed there, they are having a premier there as well and lucky me got a ticket!  Perhaps you'll see me gracing the pages of US Magazine or People walking the red carpet!...or not...  Actually, if you happen to be in Toledo tomorrow, you can get a ticket too; hereI won't be posting for the next 3 days as I will be hob nobbing with movie writers, waiting to be discovered....;)

I'm so excited for Ashley!  What an accomplishement!  She could be the next Matt Damon - 'How 'bout them apples?'

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