Monday, October 25, 2010


What a fabulous day!  First, tomorrow my hubby and toddler leave for Florida in the am...ahh I can sense the calm in my house now...  My PTO meeting went well, as it's been surrounded with's like high school, who'd a thunk... and I received notice that Paper Crafts accepted 6, yes 6 of my current submissions!  I did the happy dance on the table with that one! ...just like college...
Here is one of the items that wasn't accepted for this call.  It's a home decor item for a baby's room.  I picked these colors, not only because I have girls, but because it matches my daughter's room.  I love pink!


Pam W. said...

Congrats on the submissions being accepted! Very exciting news for you. The frame is perfect for any little girl's room.

Enjoy your quiet time.

Viola Mahr said...

O, celebrating with you! Was it for the edition of 225 cards and gifts? I got all three that I submitted accepted too! if that's the edition you were accepted to, that means we'll be published together! Yay :) It's my first time, what about you?

Celebratory shabby hugs :)