Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello stranger...

It's me....I'm sorry I've neglected you....I've been away....on the beach.....and I left my mind buried in the sand...along with about 10 golf balls.  But now I'm back.  Are you glad to see me?  I am heading to my craft room as we speak.  I PROMISE to have many creations here for you very soon. 
Until then, let me bore you with a photo montage of my trip to Petoskey.  The weather was perfection, it almost made me want to move there....almost ;).  We did promise that if we ever won the lottery, we would get a summer place there.  Ahh to dream....

While driving nearly 8 hours up to our golf/family vacation, we spotted this HUGE golf ball being transported somewhere.  We had hoped it would be an omen for a good golf trip...

...but we were wrong.  We played up at Boyne Highlands north of Petoskey. We were able to play 4 times, which is unheard of in our lives... it had been nearly 3 years since I picked up a club.  Golf is like a bike though, even if you haven't ridden in a while, you don't forget the basics.  you won't play well, but you know the basics. This is one of the holes at the Moor, this course was long but not to difficult.  The Ross on the other hand....

was VERY difficult.  Every hole on the front 9 was surrounded by sand bunkers.  On the back nine, it was like Long Boat Key...sand on both sides.  I spent more time in the sand there than when we went to the beach.  Some of the bunkers were like St. Andrews...deep and hard to get out of....5 stokes on one of them...ri-donk-u-lous!  This is a photo of a short par 3 on the course, and there are 2 more bunkers on the other side of the green you can't see here... aren't par 3's supossed to be easy? Crazy.  This is the only hole I made par on the 1st day....I did say it had been 3 years right? 

Surprize!  We found this one hidden in the woods off the course.  We were desperate!

After our fantastic - short - kid free 2 days, we went to the in-laws to hang out with the family.  Here is ny husband teaching my daugher it's ok to put plastic bags on our heads....I was APPAULED when I saw these in the camera.

Then we took the girls to the beach on Little Traverse Bay.  I had never expected to see waves so large there, they were almost as big as the gulf!  We all had tons of fun!
It was a rough 9 hour ride home...very rough.  I'm glad to be home and ready to focus on something new, other than packing and cleaning.  We don't leave for another 2 weeks for our next excursion to Detroit... an exciting vacation spot.
I'll be sure to have things planned this time before I leave so I can have pre-planned posts.  I hope you are all having a fun filled summer like we are!  Filled with sun, fun and the occasional crazy experience!

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