Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh What fun...

I was able to escape life for one day to have some fun with my girlfriends up in my hometown, Perrysburg, Ohio.  These are a great group of women, we laugh, cry, torment (in a fun way), support and counsel each other when ever we get together as a group.  We were missing 2 of our group of 7, (we missed you Kim and Michele) but Cristy, Aimee, Carrie, Jodi and myself had a great time together! 
I also had some fun visiting with Kathleen, my mom's BFF and my adopted mom; got to check out the constuction the new owners are doing on my old house; and a fabu lunch with Cristy at Poco Piatti's(yum!)
I made it home last night so I could spend Father's day with my family and hubby.  We're doing a whole lot of nothin' just what Rob wanted. 
This morning, Elizabeth woke me up around 7:45 - she slept in a full hour!  I guess that's her Father's Day Gift to daddy.  She is full of crazies and I had to share this photo I took of her this morning..  She is obsessed with putting stickers on her forehead (I'm not sure why) and wearing both of these tutu's at the same time.  She walked around like this for about 2 hours.  We're not really sure where she and her sister got their gorgeous blue eyes, Rob and I both have hazel, aren't they stunning?!?!
I'll try to get into my craftin' spot tonight, complete a few challenges and finish the cards for the current calls.  I hope you and your loved ones enjoy this holiday!

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