Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pluggin' away!

I have been crazy busy with this fundraiser for the ACS Relay for Life!  Here are some photos of the goodie bags and prizes my friend Jill Todd and I put together for the event. She's the best - and so darn resourceful!  Don't they all look fun?  I'm really excited, even although we may not reach our ultimate goal of attendance, we will have well over half of the spaces filled!  Not bad considering last Monday I didn't even have 10% of the spaces filled. 

These are the goodie bags with all the fun freebies the ladies get.  They are also going to get 3 more make-n-take items not included in this photo.

All the prizes collected for the event!  Don't you want to win one? (excuse the construction in the background).

A special thanks to Terri Meehan and Lisa Curry (SU! Demo's), Stephanie Jacobs and Erica Mathia(Creative Memories Demo's), and Alecia Creasap (Owner of B&B Scrapbooks our event sponsor) for spreading the word to their clients!  Without you guys, I'd be there by myself - looking pitiful - with TONS of freebies going to waste.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm famous! I made your blog! Had a great time putting together the bags! Hope I win something on Saturday! - -Jill