Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh...the Drama!!!

Who doesn't want to make a dramatic statement when they walk into a party?  I was creating items for the PaperCrafts last publication call, trying to think outside of the box for New Years party items.  What goes with a New Years, party hats, invites...then PRESTO!  It hits me!  A new take on a New Years party hat - or headband in this case.  I bought a headband from the dollar store and dressed it up Carrie Bradshaw style for a bit of New Years head drama.  I thought it was way fun...but it didn't fly.  Oh well!  Better luck next time with that.

Speaking of drama - my dear sweet 6 year old daughter had a fun, but rough 2 days.  Daddy has been off, and the two of them have been having lots of fun together.  Dave & Busters and painting yesterday, going to the park, a familly fun time at her Art Show at school, and finally play time at the neighbors today.  All fun and no work makes Lily a tired girl!
Now, when Lily is tired, she is even more sensitive that normal.  'Everyone is picking on me and taking from my happy bucket' she claimed as she got off the bus today.  Well, playing with the neighbors pushed her over the edge, as her best friend Andrew was 'antagonizing her' and made her cry.  When Rob and her returned home, seeing how exhausted she was, I gently (really, I was sweet) declared it was time for her to hit the sack.  She looked at me with her red rimmed big blue eyes and declared

"WELL... this just completes the worst day of my life!!!"

Oh sweetie, I can only pray this will be the worst day ever.  I love you dear, sweet, little Lily.  Every laugh, every tear, every dramatic reaction just re-inforces the wish my mom had made for me many, many, many times:

"I hope when you have children, you have a daughter just like you!"

Sorry mom...

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