Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sports Nuts!

My husband is a major sports fanatic.  He collects baseball memorabilia mostly, but dabbles in just about every sport.  He has autographs lining the walls of our basement and boxes upon boxes of signed baseball cards, magazines and so much more! 
We have 2 daughters, but he doesn't seem to mind.  We have been taking Lily to baseball games since she was 10 days old.  She enjoys going to games with her dad, not only for the game, but for some major spoiling as well!  She generally returns from a 'Daddy Daughter Day' at the ball park with a belly filled with ice cream and arms filled with goodies!  While we were on vacation, Rob spent many days at spring training games.  The last game he saved for Lily watching the Pitsburg Pirates at McKetchnie Field in Bradenton Florida.  They had a day filled with face painting, speedball pitches and autographs.  A perfect DDDay for the two of them. 
We were leaving for home Tuesday when we discovered this photo of Lily, FRONT page CENTER of the Sarasota Herald Tribune!  Our little sports nut strikes again!  I think this is the 3rd photo in various local papers of her cheering on the players.  She is a natural born cheerleader!

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mamichelle said...

hehe, a regular star on your hands! She's too cute.