Friday, March 26, 2010

Puking Perfection

Ahhh vacation....or is it? Saturday before we left for this sunny place, Elizabeth was throwing up all night. I thought it was from drinking sour milk from a found sippy cup. Apparently not. My first night here in paradise I spent praying to the porcelan Gods, something I hadn't done since my parting days of yore. I had no fever, thowing up and a little bit of the ....well you know. It passed with-in hours, but left me jumpy for about a day. About 4 hours ago, my dad came down with it, left the condo and went to their house a few miles away. 1 hour ago, Lily tosses her cookies all over the pristine bed with it's down pillows and comforter.   Ahh the joys of a Kramer vacation.  This is the second Spring Training trip in a row where the family came down with a terrible bug.  I think this annual trip is cursed.

But, I have to take a moment and brag...isn't Lily adorable?  I made this shirt and headband for her last week for St. Patty's day (before Elizabeth's illness).  She loves it when I make clothes for her for school, it makes her feel so special, and she is!  She has been such a good girl lately, it's amazing to watch her grow up, I want to keep her small!

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Laura said...

Oh my gosh that sounds like no fun!! I'm sorry you all were sick.

The headband and shirt are so cute!!

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