Sunday, March 21, 2010


Can you believe it's been nearly a WEEK since I last posted? Life's been extra crazy around here.  Committments to Lily's school, charity work, getting puked on - repeatedly, and leaving for our vacation tomorrow afternoon, has had my head spinning!  I have been busy creating things, ant visors, chocolate covered ants on a stick, and wormy dirt pies for the school party, along with ashamrock t-shirt and headband for Lily's St. Patty's day fun.  I'll post the photos of her outfit later this week.
I'm flying to sunny Florida tomorrow, I'm looking forward to seeing my mom and's been 5 months since they moved there and I've been having MAJOR withdraw.  I'll be updating as the week goes on, now that I've had my lap top surgically attached to my wrists.  It causes problems with cooking, but blogging is a snap!

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