Thursday, February 18, 2010


So, I've been posting all month my cards inspired by Anne Tainter for the Moxie Fab Tainter-tude challenge.  These have been so fun to make, I've loved gathering the images and sassy phrases for my creations!  Wellllll...... I'm excited to share that I was one of the winners of the challenge!!!!  WOW!!!  Moxie Fab World is sponsored by Paper Crafts magazine, so to be picked by them is an incredible honor!!!  Out of all my entries, they picked this one for it's sassy phrase and sequin/rhinestone bling.  I have noticed, the designs they picked were simple in design, perhaps a new trend in card making????  Hummm....I sense a theme for the month of March coming on....Simple vs. Sophisticated.  Here are the links to the rest of my designs:
Taintor-tude 1
Taintor-tude 2
Taintor-tude 3
Taintor-tude 4


Sherrie Reusch said...

I entered too - it was so fun, wasn't it? I really love your card. Very cute sentiment and love the colors.

Jessica said...

Congrats, Kristin! I love your card and I admit... I think that simple is making a serious comeback!

Jessica Witty
Paper Crafts Go-to-Gal