Saturday, January 16, 2010


I am the Queen of Cakes! I have re-claimed my kingdom and title!
After many failed attempts, I finally conquered my quest. I was begining to think I was crazy, with my coconut shells, 'galloping' along with my trusty blond squires as I attempted to perfect the Holy Grail of baking...Fondant.

Since this is a documentation of all my things creative, I am sharing with you all my failed attempts and triumphs. This way my girlfriends will know that I am only human and make LOTS of mistakes before I get sugary perfection. Below are the photos of the mishaps, the finished pieces and the lessons I learned.
Before...don't forget to add the vanilla, but they will still taste good if you use enough powdered sugar.
After...yum. Don't refridgerate your iced cookies. The icing gets white spots all over it.

Before...cupcakes don't need 30 minutes to cake at 325. Anyone that tells you that is crazy. Also, don't try to multi-task your baking. They tell you to cook on the center rack for a reason.

After...Marshmellow Fondant is very pliable, fairly tasty and easy to make. NEVER buy fondant unless you are making a standing figure. Also wear food safe gloves before adding food coloring and kneading. Especially if you are going out for drinks 2 hours later. You will have brown palms for a while.

Before...I thought that using the chocolate modeling clay would be a great idea for making the figures. I was wrong. The chocolate was difficult to work with and crumbled easily. Also once it dried, it was hard and VERY brittle. Every time I looked at it a finger or arm would fall off. I'm sure there is a way to make this work, but I haven't found a website that exlains the tricks to me.

And after...I learned to use fondant for making figures, but to stabilize the body so the weight of the head doesn't smush the body. Also, Wilton Fondant is ick, ick ICK! NEVER use it if you plan on it being eaten.

For those of you that would rather buy their cakes and cookies, I'm glad you can afford it. For the few that would rather bake than buy, but don't have the time, call me and we'll work something out.
All in all this was a fun week getting all this together. Some headaches, but I think that Elizabeth caused that with all her screaming.


Cristy said...

Great cake! It turned out amazing!!!!!

Connie said...

"documentation of all my things creative"...This is a great statement. And your cakes...WOW. I have trouble just making a 9x13 cake to turn out right. I think I'll blame my oven. LOL.