Thursday, January 7, 2010

No, I'm not dead...

It's been forever since I posted, and nearly as long since I've created anything new! This last year has been crazy!

We have all done a bit of traveling. Michigan for Rob and the girls, Lily even spent a week alone in Petoskey with her grandparents. Florida for Elizabeth’s first birthday in Disney, spring training and a short girlfriend’s weekend trip for me early summer. I went to Seattle for my brother’s 40th birthday celebration and the SheRox tri-athalon with my mom and sister this fall. Of course a few trips to Perrysburg for baseball, visiting, and packing my parents up for their recent move to Bradenton, Florida.

Lily started ‘big girl’ school and loves Kindergarten! She impresses us everyday with her growing knowledge and is always asking questions. She is very dynamic and
entertains us often with her ‘Lily-isms’ and singing; she is rarely quiet! We are also amazed about how mature Lily can be at times, it can be hard to remember her as a little one. She defiantly knows her mind, and her teacher calls Lily a ‘future CEO’.

This year started off a bit rocky for our youngest, Elizabeth. Acid reflux and difficulty with breast feeding led to many sleepless nights for all of us. She grew out of it by summer and loved being outside playing and exploring. Now Elizabeth is a toddler, learning new words, walking and is very independent! She likes doing things for herself like eating and turning the pages in books, although she still allows us to read them for her, for now. She is giggling all the time and enjoys playing with her big sister and chasing the cat.

I spent most of the year just taking care of the kids, Rob and the house. It has been crazy how busy I am just doing those things. I am amazed at how some of my
girlfriends are able to juggle a job with being a mother. Now that school started for Lily, I spend lots of time with homework and volunteering in her class. I haven’t been focusing on my MaryKay business and hope to be able to next year part-time.

I don't sell Stampin' Up! products anymore, but ofcourse still buy them. I am still passionate about being creative, so I have decided to change the focus of my blog to all things creative. I get my hands into a little bit of everything and I'd like to share that, life experiences, as well as card making here. So I hope you enjoy, if you actually read this.

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Can't wait to see what you get up to! ~chris