Saturday, January 23, 2010

It works!!!

I have been fighting with my serger for the last 6 months. Frustrated that everytime I would thread it, it wouldn't work correctly. A typical sewing event went like this: cut pattern, start serging, the stich wasn't right so I turn knobs, still doesn't work, re-thread, start serging, the stich wasn't right so I turn knobs, still doesn't work, cuss, throw things, give up and use my regualr sewing machine. Last weekend I had to make a snuggle blanket for the girl I was doing a shower for and 2 long-awated ones for my girlfriend Jodi and her new son. I started with Vanessa's and ran into the same problem with the serger I had been having for months. I was frustrated and ready to toss the thing away! Finally I decided to do some troubleshooting with a local repair man, hoping that he would be willing to talk me through the repair instead of having to take it in. Can you believe all the problems were because I didn't put enough torque on the thread as I threaded it? Serenity least that problem is solved! So I was able to whip up Jodi's blankets in MINUTES!!! Fabulous! Now I've decided with my new found functioning mahchine, to work on the pettiskirts I gave up on 6 months ago. Wait till you see them!!!!

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Jociel Prendergast said...

Hi Kristen! It is so much fun to read your blog and see your creations! I am so sorry that you are no longer a SU demo! I do have a question for you - do you have a Big Shot? Since you sew - you may find this a very useful tool - I would be happy to send you samples by email - it will blow your mind! Jociel