Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cake Boss, here I come!

Ok, so you know those fabulous tv shows featuring crazy awesome cakes? Well, Lily & I are addicted to them. I love how they create such beautiful things, only to be gobbled up for some wonderful occassion.
I must admit, I love to bake. Everything. Cookies, cakes, candies, it probably explains my weight gain...Since the arrival of my first daughter, I make it a point to create her birthday cake every year, and now I'm hooked. Every year the creations became more elaborate, with her 5th birthday decorated with hand made chocolate butterflies and caterpillars. I've got all the tools, spatulas, spinning trays, cake/cupcake pans, icing tubes, tips and papers. You name it I have it. Usually I only used wholesale bought buttercream (the same they use at Kroger, the wholesaler is around the corner from my house). It has a good flavor that kids (and Rob) like, comes in a HUGE 5 gallon bucket and is shelf save for 6 months.
Now with that being said, I love the look of those cakes on tv. The modeling and fondant is so beautiful. I've never liked the taste of fondant, it's pretty nasty. it's like eating a slab of Crisco with sugar added. Ick. I considered just making the pretty cakes Lily likes for her and let her discover the nasty-ness herself, but who wants to be dissapointed on their birthday with a gross cake? Until now...
I am co-hosting a baby shower this weekend and ofcourse offered to make the cake and cookies. I've been doing a little research and found this AMAZING site filled with great information, including a marshmellow fondant recipe. Hummm... I'm not a marshmellow fan, but others are, so I decided to make it today to sample it. OMG!!! is all I have to say. It's tasty, easy to make and did I say tasty? I am so excited now to create the goodies for the party this weekend! It was really easy, I'm now a fondant making queen! Now they did say it's not the best for modeling, but they also have the recipe for making modeling chocolate!! I whipped up a batch - tastes like a tootsie roll!! I know I'm going to have to beat Rob off with a stick for the rest of the week with these tasty goodies around. I'll post the final results on Sunday so you can see the yummy-ness!

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Connie said... you compete? Lovely work. I like to watch cake decorating shows eventhough I can't do it. I'm fasinated by the process and creativity.