Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The chaos is over...I think?

So, about 3 weeks ago, I had a desk malfunction in my work space. The drafting desk I had gotten as a gift on my 16th birthday calopsed under the weight of all my stamp sets (it was 20 years old). So I have been spending the last few weeks getting everything re-organized and sell off some stuff to make space for new stuff. I was also at the mercy of my husbands good nature since I'm 6 months prego and can't lift anything heavy so it took much longer than I anticipated.What I have discovered, is that even with a HUGE purging (it was difficult) I still have entirely too much stuff!My space is in my basement, it's a typical basement, however, the previous owners glued drywall to the cinderblocks, so we cannot hang anything walls, or else it will rip the drywall off. This is my attempt to keep organized. This space also holds my MaryKay business empire.

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jennifer said...

Looks like a Stamper/Scrapbooker's paradise to me. I'm jealous...i have a mess in our basement.