Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I was really busy...

Here are some more I made last night as I was creating. Some are simple, and some are FABULOUS!!!

This one is super simple, just getting the creative vibe going...

Same layout as the other one,but I really like this stamp set. Too bad it's retired!!

This is when the juices started flowin' again. All that designer paper is being put to good use now and I'm finding more layouts at I love that site!
This is my FAVORITE paper, but not the best layout. It reminds me of Magic Kingdom's 'It's a Small World' ride, all the graphic images and geometric shapes. It makes me want to sing...... I'll probebly do it again, I was getting pretty tired by this point (it was 3:30 am).
This is a close up of the birds, of course I used glitter (it's me we're talking about here). I also used the mirror technique so I could get 2 birds facing each other. This technique is created by using a rubber brayer. First you ink your image liberally, then roll the brayer on the stamp, and it picks up the image! Then roll the brayer on your paper and voila!!! You have the mirror image of your stamp!

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