Friday, May 18, 2007

Look at what I've been doing!

I've actually gotten some stamping done this week! I've joined in some swaps on SCS so it's given me a great excuse to get some "work done". The first swap I joined is for mini sprial notebooks, which I love to make! I thought I'd join so I culd see what other people are doing! I of course had to add some "bling" to each of them. My favorite is the "Sweet Friend" one.

The cards are for a swap called the Great Assortment Swap. I make 11 of the same card in different catagories and receive 10 back, all different themes! I picked out Humorous Birthday, Baby Girl (of course), Thanksgiving and Love note. This is the Humorous Birthday one made with Birthday Banter retired last year.
I had to use my favorite stamp set, A Little Love for this one. It's my favorite stamp set and card layout.
This one was by far the hardest for me to make, I don't have any Thanksgiving stampsets!
I think it's pretty self explanitory why I used this stamp for my Love Note card!!

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